“Honest, Heartfelt, True.”


           The american singer and songwriter Sufjan Stevens has just released its latest album on 31st of March, titled “Carrie & Lowell” released by his own record label Ashmatic Kitty. The album met with critical acclaim, receiving a 9.3 from Pitchfork under “Best New Music,” and an initial score of 90 from Metacritic. The album follows the nuances and trials of life with Stevens’ mother, Carrie, who was diagnosed bipolar, schizophrenic and suffered from drug addiction, which includes Stevens’ stepfather, Lowell Brams with drug abuse and addiction.


          The expression conveyed in this album is the memories he had growing up with his schizophrenic mother “Carrie” and drug addict father “Lowell”. There is a sense of triumph and despair within the music. This album brings out the best in folk music which is Honest, Heartfelt and true.